A little bit about the blog


Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my blog.

I’ve been planning to start my own blog for a while now and since I’ve just graduated from university, summer is over and I turn 24 in 2 days so I thought that now was a good time to start. So a little about me then, my name is Kelsey Maxwell, I’ll be 24 on the 21st of September and I live in a town called St. Helens which is near Liverpool.

After 3 years studying Journalism and English Literature I thought that starting a blog would be a great and give me a chance to write and post about things such as what I’ve been up to, fashion, travels, favorite things, perhaps a bit of cooking and just generally talking about anything that interests me.

I’m excited to get started at last

I hope you like it

xo Kelsey York - Kelsey in the rain